Daria Rose http://dariarosedesigns.com My Portfolio Wed, 10 Feb 2016 15:36:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.7 Create a Physical Counting Object http://dariarosedesigns.com/create-a-physical-counting-object/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/create-a-physical-counting-object/#comments Wed, 10 Feb 2016 15:34:52 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=914 This project was a lot of fun. We think about usability so much in the digital world, and not enough in the physical world! Sketching and being able to make something (that I will actually use) is incredible!

My first thought was an abacus. Those were originally used for counting and math, so why not as a modern-day counter? Then I realized that I don’t actually know how to use an abacus and that is probably not the best idea to go with.

My second thought was based on a scorecard/word of the day style calendar. Then I thought of the action of flipping, and whether there would be three single digit sections, or two digit sections of 0-9 or 0-10 (to account for 100). I did not love the flipping action. It felt to big, and changing the digit also felt like too much work.

I dont really remember how my final idea came to me. I was thinking about gears in my Mechanisms class and thought a function based on rotation would be interesting! Below are images of my product.

counter 1 counter 3 counter 5_closeup counter2


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Examples of good and bad UX http://dariarosedesigns.com/examples-of-good-and-bad-ux/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/examples-of-good-and-bad-ux/#comments Tue, 09 Feb 2016 01:01:04 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=898 The Good

Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because I am easily fascinated by things, but I really really love Tupperware (or whatever the conventional way to say food storage devices is). I feel like every time I go to Target or the Container store, I am introduced to new additions or inventions! Below are two of my absolute favorite containers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.01.14 PMHere is just an amazing, all-in-one to go container. It is microwave safe, has storage for utensils on top so you are never left eating food with two straws and a vent so that you don’t have to take the lid off when you microwave it. The best part? The material never gets too hot, so you are never left burning yourself!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.34.45 PMMy next favorite container is my microwave steamer. I don’t know about you, but usually, when I am going to steam vegetables, I am often

steaming multiple things. Often I steam right out of the bag (frozen broccoli or what not). But what about when I have fresh veggies? I am forced to first boil water, then I have to find something to steam my food in. I don’t even know what they are called…strainers? Then, if I say, want to eat multiple vegetables (or types of food) I have to do this multiple times! Not if I have my microwave steamer. It has 4 super easy to use parts. The bottom is where the water goes, the middle compartment is optional (if you have multiple things to steam) and then the top compartment is the main steamer compartment. Now, when I want to eat steamed shrimp and broccoli (I did not realize those were in the below photo until I read through this post), all I have to do add some water, put it in the microwave for a few minutes, and I have a healthy, easily cooked meal!

I know what you are thinking…Microwaves zap out the energy in food! That is the beauty of this! The microwaves are focussed on heating the water, and the hot water heats the food! It really is amazing.

The Bad

This partly ties into my thesis, so yay! I was given access to a trial version of firespring; a website-building tool directed towards non-profits. Originally I was ecstatic because I thought I would not have to worry as much about the CMS for my thesis and could focus more on the process. Then I actually logged on, and my hopes were lost. I guess I should have seen the red flags when they suggest you first attend a webinar followed by doing a 30 min to 1 hr personal cyber training session. Nothing that requires that much training could possibly be easy to use. I was correct. Below are some screenshots of the program and a list of my grievances.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.45.07 PM This was the first page I was brought to upon logging in. My first inkling was to read through the dashboard boxes, but nothing there seemed useful. I then went to online tools thinking that website building is a type of tool, and online and website go hand-in-hand, so that must be it. Really all I wanted was to see a preview of my site. After about 5 minutes, I figure My Website is the only other place it could be. So I hover and am brought to a fairly complicated menu.

Maybe I’m crazy, but nothing here seems obvious. Nothing says “Go to my website” Or “edit my website”. The terminology is really all over the place. I go to manage profile, that is wrong, website settings, wrong. FINALLY, I see that website content is a clickable link (Website users and Libraries are not clickable) and life starts to make a little more sense.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.45.42 PM

Don’t be fooled,  though. Just because I found website content, doesn’t mean I could figure out what to do. In the days of 30-second attention spans and Amazon Prime Free 2-day shipping, I need to be able to see what I am doing. Even when I am coding my own site, rarely do I write more than 10 lines of code before I go preview my site. Cleary something of WYSIWYG nature is the way to go.


I won’t bore you too much, but it took me about 5 more minutes on this page to understand that this was my basic navigation and I had to click into these to edit the specific pages (trust me, editing the specific pages is no easier than finding out how to edit the pages)…and guess what, I have still not previewed my web page.


The Ugly

I eventually figured out I had to click on these sub-folders and THEN (and only then) was I presented with my first option to actually see my website! To be fair, they really did a great job designing the sites. The sites are quite intuitive, user-friendly, well-designed, etc. However, if you can’t figure out how to edit your site, what’s the point??

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.46.25 PM


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a2z Final Proposal – How can I have fun with Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy http://dariarosedesigns.com/a2z-final-proposal-how-can-i-have-fun-with-hitchhikers-guide-to-the-galaxy/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/a2z-final-proposal-how-can-i-have-fun-with-hitchhikers-guide-to-the-galaxy/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2015 14:43:24 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=891 I am currently torn between 2 final project ideas, both of which revolve (of course) around Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I am not sure why or how that became the central theme in this class for me, but it did and I am rolling with it. The text provides a combination of humor, fandom, and just a great time full of personalities. My original idea built off of one of our first homework assignments where I created a Madlib generator.

Hitchhikers Guide Madlib (creative title to come)

This would take my ‘midterm’ and expand on it. What I envision (and whether my current programming skillz would allow for this is debatable) is a madlib generator that selects a random passage from the text of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (HGTTG) and then removes x words. It then looks those words up on Wordnik (or some other vocab/grammar API), gets the type of word (ie noun, verb, etc) and then asks the user for that type of word. So if the sentence original was “The cat woke up and peed on the flowers” and it randomly removed Cat and Peed, it would look up those words, and figure out that Cat is a noun and Peed is a verb in the past tense. Then it would ask the user for those words.

My other idea takes my Sad Robot Twitter bot and expands his functionality. I am currently leaning towards this idea.

Sad Marvin the bot

Right now, Sad Marvin tweets a random quote at anybody who follows him. However, I want to have him tweet at people who use specific hashtags, I want him to retweet and follow, really I want him to do anything that a person on Twitter would do, only it is somehow always related to HGTTG.

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Market Map http://dariarosedesigns.com/market-map/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/market-map/#comments Thu, 19 Nov 2015 17:33:08 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=888
  • What data did you decide to work with? Why were you interested in this data?
    • For this final, I wanted to work with data from my company in some way. I was not sure if it would be product data, order data, or customer data, but in the end, order data made the most sense and is the most useful to us at the moment. I am interested in this data because it is my data. It is data representing what and where my clients are selling their items, and for some reason, Shopify has graphs for almost everything you can imagine, but it does not touch mapping or geolocating orders. Surprisingly, this does not exist on their app store as well!
  • What were your key design considerations?
    • Originally, I was not sure who the user would be for this app. Now that is is finished, It will primarily be a back-end app with one page that could be visible to clients (via link) and customers of the marketplace. Because Shopify pulls in some sensitive information (email address, address, etc) I had to be careful with what information is visible to who. That is why I wanted to landing page to just be a map of orders. Clicking on the map shows you some information about the order, but nothing that identifies anything dangerous. I will likely refine this even more because even showing something like a person’s name could be dangerous. We once has a customer who was a victim of domestic abuse and her abuser sent her a shirt from our marketplace (of a group that fights against domestic abuse) to taunt her. There was nothing we could have done about this, he knew her address from the past, but I need to be sure that nothing like this could happen from the information I am displaying.
    • The /orders page is not as clean as I would like it to be. I am still exploring ways to clean it up and make it more visually appealing. To be continued.
  • What are some of the key technology processes you used? What was interesting or tricky?
    • I used the googlemaps API to map the orders which was suprisingly simple. It was probably 10 lines of code total and I have had zero issues with it since installing it week 9.
    • Shopify was a different beast all together. I wanted to connect to their API (and plan to in the future), but it was proving too difficult at the time. It was pulling in product information instead of order information, and when I did get some order information, the sheer number of orders that we had (about 12,000) made everything messy and hard to work with. It I could not organize the information, not to mention the fact that some information was being pulled in incorrectly. I will get this to work likely over winter break.
    • Because of these issues, I decided to go with a webhook instead to pull in any new orders. It is a similar concept, but one that is much simpler to make work. I think it is just because the data is more manageable as many of the steps were the same. Accept, instead of using keys and secrets, I just had to configure it from my admin panel and then make the routes to only save the pertinent information.
  • What are the key takeaways for yourself or for your target audience? What did you want them to get from your project?
    • Ironically, having more data would allow more more takeaways, but what I am hoping people get from this project is the ability to see the locations their orders are coming from at specific points in time. For example, did they just do an email blast to supporters in the North East? Was there a spike in sales during that time? Is there a general trend that all of their customers are in the Pacific Northwest? Should they direct their facebook marketing there or maybe they want to do a push to expand their client base.
  • Where else could you see this project going?
    • Once I am connected to the API vs using webhooks, and once I incorporate a date selector (and clean up the orders page) I plan to sell this on the Shopify App Marketplace! There is nothing right now that geolocates orders. The closest thing is an app that allows you to show where your physical locations are (ie if The Gap were on Shopify, you could see all GAP locations). One feature of that app is to show most recent orders. That seems fairly useless for my purposes. I dont want to show the 5 most recent orders, I want to show ALL orders so that decisions can be made and takeaways can be had.
    • Even closer in the future, I am thinking of duplicating this app and setting up a Webhook for a client of ours (RunKeeper). They just launched a Global 5K campaign and for the first time, they are targeting all 6 million users to take part. Part of this campaign is a limited edition shirt available only to those who sign up for the race. Seeing which users are ordering and where they live could be HUGE for their marketing efforts around the campaign. I plan to speak with their head of marketing next week (or probably after Thanksgiving) to see if they would be interested in this information!
  • ]]>
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    Funny Fixes to NYC Pain Points http://dariarosedesigns.com/funny-fixes-to-nyc-pain-points/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/funny-fixes-to-nyc-pain-points/#comments Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:08:07 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=882 For this project, I had 2 ideas that I really loved, so I took a stab at both!

    Idea 1: Funny Ponchos

    I always say that NYC does not function in the rain and everyone is at least 15 minutes late. With umbrellas coming dangerously close to taking out people eyes to not being able to open an umbrella when trying to leave the subway to trying to figure out why ANYOEN would think a golf umbrella in the crowded NYC streets is acceptable, rain is just a pain (keep in mind that I LOVE the rain when it comes to puddle jumping and just having a good time).

    To combat this, I always tried to figure out why more people dont use rain coats and ponchos (myself included). Its not as if umbrellas really keep you that dry anyway, especially if we could create special bag ponchos. Of course, the answer is because they are pretty ugly, and in NY we always have to look our best.

    Enter Victoria’s Secret Angel and David themed ponchos!

    david and VS model


    Both of these figures could be replace for anything funny. Other ideas were Hilary Clinton in a Pants Suit, sexy male models, the Old Spice guy, various athletes, etc. Hopefully, the novelty would get people to use them and put away their umbrellas, even for just one day!

    Idea 2: Butt stand and cigarette disposal

    It’s amazing to me that the city does not provide any cigarette disposal system. I assume that they are focussing on outlawing cigarettes all together, but since that rarely works, at least provide people with something better than the street for disposing of cigarettes.

    I am terrible at sketching (see below), and was not able to flesh this out on photoshop, but my inspiration is based on the Coppertone Baby (only this would be an adult human, probably male for comic relief).



    Image just the bottom half of this (but again, an adult). The dog is optional. Butts would be put out on the butt, and then disposed of in the open underwear section.

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    Eating Local: What is being done to push the needle? http://dariarosedesigns.com/eating-local-what-is-being-done-to-push-the-needle/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/eating-local-what-is-being-done-to-push-the-needle/#comments Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:28:42 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=877

    http://dariarosedesigns.com/eating-local-what-is-being-done-to-push-the-needle/feed/ 0
    Nudging – Getting people to do what YOU want http://dariarosedesigns.com/nudging-getting-people-to-do-what-you-want/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/nudging-getting-people-to-do-what-you-want/#comments Thu, 24 Sep 2015 13:14:50 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=861 What is a nudge? Companies like Amazon use it constantly. They have suggestions all over the place to try and nudge you to buy more things. That is just one example, but we live in a world of nudges.

    “A nudge, they taught us, is any aspect of the ‘choice architecture’ that alters people’s behaviour in a predictable way, without removing any options or changing economic consequences.”

    There is a daily complaint that leaves my boyfriends mouth almost every night before I go to bed: “Clean the dresser!”

    How can I uses the nudging framework to change my life-long behavior?

    1. Nudges seek to boost self-control or activate a desired behavior
    2. Nudges can be Externally imposed or self-imposed
    3. Nudges call for the user to be either mindful or mindless about the decision at hand
    4. Nudges encourage or discourage a particular behavior

    The Story

    Almost all my life, I have had a chair in my room. That chair is where clothes when I came home because I did not want to put them away. In my mind, I would put them away the next day, but in reality, the clothes would just pile up until I had nothing left to wear at which point I would go through everything and decide what is laundry and what should be put away.

    Now that I live with my boyfriend, we dont have a desk in the room; our desk is in the living room. However, we do have a nice dresser right next to my sid eof the bed, perfect for placing just worn garments. This, angers him to no end. I just can’t seem to stop doing it.

    This is what the dresser looks like on a good day. Usually the pile is 3 times this big. It is more or less a jumble of recently worn clothes and things I dont want the cats to destroy.


    When I told Josh about this assignment his immediate response was: “For the love of god, please do something about that dresser!”

    So, i got to work.

    The Solution

    I am not great at taking care of plants. I currently have one in my office that has lived for THREE WHOLE MONTHS (a personal record), so I wanted to start with inanimate objects. I thought if I made the dresser look nice, I would make the conscious decision to keep it like that. I took some photos we had hanging int he living room as opposed to books off of our bookshelf and made the below arrangement.


    Unfortunately, this did not last more than a few days. Just because it looked nice, doesn’t mean there cant be things on top of it. Within a few days, the clothes started piling up again, starting with PJs.

    I then had the idea to put something more fragile up there. Something that would be damaged by clothes being put on top. Enter the plant idea! Now, as I said, we dont have many plants (or any) as I tend to kill them. All I hand on hand was the centerpiece of our dining table (painted mason jars with dried flowers). I thought that would be a good test! After a few days, I did put a few things on the edges of the dresser, but that is only because nothing was covering those parts! The below photo is what I hope my dresser will look like shortly. I need to make the time to purchase the right plants (I am really bad with dresser-books-messycacti somehow), and make sure that I don’t entice the cats to jump up there as that is currently the only safe surface in our apartment.

    How did I use the framework and create a (so far) successful nudge?

    Nudges seek to boost self-control or activate a desired behavior

    This was certainly accomplished. I am now controlling myself and folding my clothes instead of just throwing them onto the dresser.

    Nudges can be Externally imposed or self-imposed

    Obviously, this one was self-imposed.

    Nudges call for the user to be either mindful or mindless about the decision at hand

    This is a combination of both in my opinion. The mindless part is that I am not going to throw things onto live plants. The mindful part is that once I realize there are plants, I have to be mindful about what I do with my clothing.

    Nudges encourage or discourage a particular behavior

    This discourages my tendency to be a bit messy!


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    a2z Homework 1 http://dariarosedesigns.com/a2z-homework-1/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/a2z-homework-1/#comments Mon, 21 Sep 2015 10:40:14 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=849 For this assignment, we were asked to manually write an algorithm and create some form of text mashup with a physical piece of text. I chose “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. My algorithm was based on 2 very simple setences, broken up into their parts of speech.

    The brown fox jumps over the fence.

    The quick fox jumps over the fence and finds his family.

    This becomes: The adjective noun verb preposition the noun (and verb pronoun noun).

    My algorithm is as follows

    Start with the word THE

    Go to the first even page in a piece of text. Find the first adjective.
    go to the next even page find the first noun.
    go to the next even page
    find the first verb
    Go to the next even page
    find the first preoposition
    Add the word the THE
    Go to the next even page
    Find the first noun.

    Add a period.
    Start a new sentence
    Start with the word THE
    Go to the next even page
    Find the first adjective.
    go to the next even page
    find the first noun
    go to the next even page
    find the next verb
    go to the next even page
    find the first preposition
    add the word THE
    go to the next even page
    find the first noun
    add the word AND
    go to the next even page
    find the first verb
    go to the next even page
    find the first pronoun
    go to the next even page
    find the first noun.
    Add a period.
    Repeat 4 times.
    *If this is a single page text, use even paged lines.
    *If the type of word you are looking for does not exist, go to the next page or line.


    The remarkable bulldozer gone off the Janx Spirit. The nervous treatment moving outside the lane and route grinned he starship.

    The social shadows flared off the guide. The triple-breasted Vogon grasped round minute and picked them body.

    The infinite circumstances defines down the bulletin. The pretty bridge plying behind the guide and give he voice.

    The manual thought stared under the figures. The miserable mind claimed through the man and coasted he experiments.


    Github Pages was not treating me well. I will investigate more, but screenshots of my locally hosted site are below:

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.32.40 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.32.47 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.32.51 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.32.57 AM

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    Design Decisions that can make students take the stairs http://dariarosedesigns.com/design-decisions-that-can-make-students-take-the-stairs/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/design-decisions-that-can-make-students-take-the-stairs/#comments Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:47:34 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=840 Ahh the fourth floor. A place reached 95% of the time, by elevator. But why? 4 floors is not that much, as New Yorkers, we are fairly fit and accustomed to taking stairs into and out of the subway multiple times a day. But for some reason, taking the stairs at Tisch is rarely done. In fact, whenever I do see students taking the stairs, I have more respect for them. However, this never manages to change my behavior. Even more interesting is the fact that the Tisch Elevator is one of the worst and slowest elevators I have ever encountered. Even when I am almost late or running late, and the elevator is on the 10th floor, moving at a snail’s pace, I will wait for it.

    There are a few reasons for this.

    1) The stairs are really dark

    2) The darkness can be scary

    3) Every floor has a different material for the stairs as well as varying step height which makes running up them jaunting

    4) The elevator entrance is closer than the stairs entrance

    5) There are stairs to GET UP to the entrance to the stairwell


    Unfortunately, fixing the above list would more or less require demolishing Tisch and building a brand new building (or at least gut renovating the entire inside). So, Greg and I have devised 3 ways to increase the use of the stairs (at least among ITP students, I cant speak for the film/theater/art students).

    1) Gamify the staircase

    2) Invoke our dangerous sides

    3) Play to our (mostly) uniform political ideologies

    I worked mostly on the first one, Gamifying the stairs. Gamification fascinates me. Last semester I spent almost the whole semester gamifying and educational platform geared towards adults and really loved how the final product turned out. Why not do something similar to the stairs?

    The number 1 feature that seems to interest people when it comes to gamification is the social aspect of a leaderboard. People love this so much, that FLY wheel (a spin studio) actually displays users’ information in a leaderboard style on the TV. Not everyone needs to be #1, but people certainly want to be ON the leaderboard.

    My inspiration was also slightly based on Dennis Crowley and how he made Foosball a real part of ITP. How did he do it? He added an ID scanner and wrote a script that would track the points and there was a leaderboard for the top foosball players. Why not do something similar for the stairs?


    first floor - outside

    The idea involves about 5 or 6 ID scanners placed at the bottom of the stairs, on the 4th floor, and randomly throughout the stairwell. I had thought of just doing the bottom and the top, but I want to avoid cheaters scanning their cards and getting points for taking the elevator. The scanners have to be easy to find/use, so you will not have to swipe, you will just have to tap your ID to get credit. There will also be LEDs (and potentially arrows) in order to easily find the scanners.

    4th floor-stairs first floor

    The trigger will be a physical leaderboard above the stairs with very clear signage indicating what the leaderboard is for. Seeing their friends names above theirs (and potentially having a section that shames people with very low scores) will trigger students’ motivation to take the stairs. Hopefully the scanners will be easy enough to use so as not to deter people after they have already made the decision to live better lives!

    Lobby door

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    Is The Culture Keeping Up With The Kardashians http://dariarosedesigns.com/is-the-culture-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians/ http://dariarosedesigns.com/is-the-culture-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians/#comments Tue, 15 Sep 2015 11:14:47 +0000 http://dariarosedesigns.com/?p=830 IMG_0361

    For this week’s assignment, I took my first foray into the world that is Kim Kardashian. West. To this day, I have never looked her up on Instagram (except to get the screenshot to follow), I have never watched the show, I have never see her sex tape. Really I had no interest in her whatsoever. On Saturday, we went to a “Kimposium” which was basically a series of talks about the Kardashian Family. The crowd was certainly more familiar with her than I am, but I am still not sure whether they loved her, hated her, or loved to hate her. I spoke to a few girls on line in the bathroom who seemed to be fans of her ridiculousness. They dont necessarily respect her, but they are “fans”.

    Interestingly enough, by watching this Kimposium, I have garnered quite a lot of respect for her. I always thought she was famous for no reason. I thought she was famous for being the daughter of the guy who got OJ Simpson set free. She was famous just for being rich, and I did not respect that. Honestly, I did not even know that she had a sex tape.

    However, she is actually more than that. Firstly, of the 5 sisters, she seems to have done the best for herself and up until recently was the most followed person on Instagram (last week, she was surpassed by THE Taylor Swift <3).

    Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 6.46.51 AM


    45.1 million people follow this girl’s instagram account. That is more than the population of Ukraine, or Uganda. Pretty shocking. What this Kimposium discussed, was HOW this ended up happening. The topics ranged from Kris Jenner, the initiator of it all, to how marrying Kanye West helped her rise to the top of socialite status. By the way, the organizer of this event was a group called Drunk Ted Talks. I really am shocked by how much I ended up learning!

    How did this all start? Robert Kardashian, Kim’s father, was on OJ Simpson’s legal team. He did pretty well for himself, and Kim grew up in Beverly Hills with the likes of Paris Hilton. In fact, she and Paris were pretty good friends. However, what happened to Paris Hilton? She had a sex tape too, and a few reality TV shows, however, Kim’s fame has far surpassed her old friend Paris’. What’s funny is that when Paris was in the spotlight, a lot of people thought: Who’s Kim?

    Then there was the sex tape. I’m still not too clear on this, but I know she used the tape to launch the show. The Drama of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan certainly helped keep her in the spotlight, but who decided to create this insane empire of self tanner, credit cards, a children’s clothing line, and countless other brands that fall under the Kardashians. The answer? The original Momager, Kris Jenner.

    There was an entire talk dedicated to Kris and her influence on the girls. To the fact that ALL of her daughters have K names and then her son is named Rob (nobody cares about Rob). Back before the days of reality TV and instant fame, Kris had ideas. She famously said that she was going to turn the Kardashian’s 15 minutes of fame into 30. Well, she certainly succeeded there!


    The last talk was all about Kimye (ie Kim and Kanye) and how Kanye is truly responsible for keeping her in the spotlight. Let’s be serious for a second. Nobody really cares about Khloe and Kourtney anymore. People DO care about Kylie and Kendall (Kim’s half sisters). Why is that? 1) They are 100% white (this was brought up in the talk). 2) They are both models. 3) They are both beautiful.

    So why are people still interested in Kim? She is not 5’10 like her half sisters, she is not a model, and she is not 100% white. It’s because she is married to Kanye. He was able to completely revamp her image and style to one of someone with much more class. Someone who looks like she belongs to the social elite; not one who is there but nobody knows why. The below photo explains it pretty well.


    The two photos on the left are Kim before Kanye. What? The orange purple thing with a cutout and then turquoise shoes? Really? Then, the two images on the right, are Kim post Kanye. The difference is quite staggering. Even with her boobs being more or less out of her dress, she looks classy.

    I am certainly not a fan after attending the Kimposium, but I did experience something completely new for me and I managed to learn quite a lot! If I am not a fan of Kim, I am a fan of Drunk Ted Talks!

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